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Your most important shot is the next

First, I want to start this by saying Golf is a f*cking hard sport. There is a reason why so many clubs are being sold on eBay and Facebook; People gave up. But YOU didn't. Even if you get upset here and there, you still come back for more.

That duff you just hit, cost you a triple bogey. That shank off the tee, broke someones window. The four putt on the 18th, just cost you the tournament.

Sometimes when we're golfing, it's easy to dwell on the past, but, it's important to remember that your most important shot is the next one. We can't change any of the shots or club decisions that we made in the past, but we can choose how the rest of our round will go.

Take a deep breath, laugh a little, drink a beer if you want, just don't get frustrated about what happened previously. Sure that tree might have unrooted itself and got in-front of your ball, but can we really control that? Golf is meant to be fun, so why pay $40 just to get angry?

If there is one piece of advice I would give, it's to not focus on the number of strokes you've hit on this hole, and just focus on your next shot. It's the only thing your present self can control.

Lastly, when you drain your next shot, make sure you let the course know who is the real boss and get a picture of it so you can remember the good times in your peacock golf shoes.