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Breaking 90: A New Light

Golf is hard... Like hard hard. I wouldn't wish breaking 90 upon any of my enemies because I know it's a long road full of suffering and let downs. Until, you reach the final turn and you see the sport from a new light. Then, everything changes.

On Saturday I was playing a match play tournament with some of my buddies at Pohick Bay Golf Course. The weather was absolutely brutal but my mindset was always positive. I started off the day with a clean 230 yard baby draw over the trees and down the fairway to give me a nice 130'ish approach shot. The problem was, even though it was a great tee shot that we saw make it over the trees and draw back into the fairway, we couldn't find it

Sheesh, what a rough start, right? Well yea, but let's not make it any worse.

Take a drop, hit the approach shot, take a bogie and move on. That mentality changed my game that day... and probably forever.

I no longer cared about the mistake itself, I started focusing on mitigating whatever mistake was made to put myself in a better position for the next shot. I would ensure I didn't compound a mistake (like most would) and send it. Instead, I would take the L for one stroke but put myself in a position to live another day and make a great shot. Let me tell you, this paid dividends in my game.

I ended the day with a birdie on the 18th hole and shot a 41! A F*CKIN 41! On the back 9. For better or for worse, I was teeing the ball up off of Micky's on the front 9 so that score wasn't as hot (51).

Overall, I shot my lowest score to date (92).

Last Saturday changed my game forever. I'm no longer scared of making a mistake, because let's be honest, if you're drinking beers hanging with your friends and having a good time, you're going to make a mistake. But that's why we love golf so much. If it was easy, then everyone would do it and there would be nothing to strive fore (catch that sneaky pun?).

The roading to breaking 90 is coming to an end here soon... but the community behind this goal will last forever.

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Hopefully next time I see y'all it will be the road to breaking 85.