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Brighter Days Lie Ahead

This past year can pretty much be summed up with three words, the novel coronavirus. The virus consumed just about every aspect of our lives and was like a dark cloud lurking with no end in sight. I will admit that at times, it was hard for me to have hope or to be resilient. However, it is all about finding ways of seeing difficulties as opportunities to be better.

Luckily, the virus is starting to be in the rear view mirror and we can get back to it! Ah yes. Now let’s really dive into what I wanted to ramble about, Brighter Days Lie Ahead.

*Someone queue up Levels by Avicii*

A little under a month ago, I got to really celebrate Brady and Khal for graduating from Virginia Tech. Watching some of my closest friends start new chapters in their lives. Having former teammates compete at U.S. Olympic Trials. Connecting with old friends.

I feel old saying this, but it feels like the gLoRY DAyS (before covid). I have much more pep in my step nowadays compared to just rolling out of bed like a zombie to attend Zoom University, and I hope that is also true for whoever is reading this!

The same goes for the status of Peacock Golf, we are rolling! Later this week, we will have the whole team in Blacksburg, which is a rare exciting occasion. Within the next couple weeks, we will receive samples of our first 6 t-shirt designs and our second shoe prototype. Overall, all good things, so stay tuned.

Remember, if you want something to happen, go out of your way to personally see it come to fruition! This helped spark Peacock Golf into existence. Whether it’s going to the gym more, reading more, leaving your number on a receipt for the waitress, or mastering SwiftUI. Go make it happen.

 I’ll see you when I see you,