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Breaking 90: A rough week

I feel like I say this most blogs, but golf is F*CKIN HARD

After my first lesson with my new trainer, I thought I had it all figured out. Everything was clicking. The towel drill became easy, shallowing was easy, all of it was easy... on the range. When I took it to the course, it was a different beast. I let it get in my head.

"Should I even be playing this sport?"

"Can the drink cart make its way around I think I need a double"

I mean any thought that was not positive, probably was going through my head. I didn't allow myself to understand, this sport is just hard and you won't master it overnight. In fact, it's likely none of you that are reading this will master the sport. Even the PGA guys have rough days. Speith struggled for YEARS before he could get his game back together, and sadly, we're no different.

As amateur (or weekend) golfers, we're going to have a lot of bad shots. There are going to be days where you second guess all the time you've spent at the range practicing your craft and honing in the swing that you've been talking about to all your golf buddies... and that's ok. It's okay to have bad days. It's not okay to keep putting yourself down about it though.

If you're ever down, remember all the good memories you've had with golf. All the beers with the boys, the absolute bombs you've hit off the tee and the shanks on the fringe that made your partner fall over laughing. It's all part of the game. We can't pick and choose which piece of the pie we're getting that day, but we can choose to enjoy it with an ice cold beer.

The road to breaking 90 is going to be a long one, but we're going to get there. It'll probably be even easier once I can get my feet in the birdies.