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Don't Waste Your Time Shoveling Snow

   While I was in elementary school, I remember my father answering the doorbell to a couple of guys with a snowplow on the front of their truck and a couple of snow removal machines in the bed; they offered to clean our driveway the next day for $75, my father politely declined the transaction.  He told me after they left that $75 was ridiculous when we could do the work ourselves.  The next day came, and Roanoke received 18 inches of snow; we began shoveling at 8 am with our basic snow shovels; the work was grueling and exhausting, and it took us the entire day to clean our driveway.  After that, my father apologized and explained how stupid it was not to pay the money.  He had lost an entire day of work because he wouldn’t pay what seemed like a heavy fee upfront to a professional to save him time.  This is what I hope to avoid with Peacock Golf.  Brady and I would have had some serious difficulties designing the shoe by ourselves or finding a reliable manufacturer.  So, rather than waste time and balloon our opportunity costs, we hired a professional who came with what may seem like a high price tag but saved us an uncountable amount of hours.


See you on the 19th hole