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The golf shoe we've all been waiting for...Say hello to the birdie

The golf shoe we've all been waiting for...Say hello to the birdie

How we got to this point

After five months of market research, shoe testing, designer vetting, idea creation, mid design pollspatents, finding manufacturers and many more events that I can't remember; We're finally here. The golf shoe Khal, Rob, and I have been working so hard to deliver to y'all 🦚

The shoe we believe that steps away from what a normal "dad" golf shoe is and reaches into modern style making you the star of the tee-box while providing comfort for on an off the course wear. Golf is an extension of our lives, so why should our shoes be any different? So, we designed the birdies to feel just as good walking up to the 19th hole as it did walking up to the first.

So I guess you're probably wondering, "when can I see these bomb a$$ shoes?"


Below you can see a couple of the color-ways that we're looking to provide for the first batch of the birdies. We decided to go with a more toned down white and gray shoe that can match all shirt combinations, and then a more colorful Carolina blue color-way (which we haven't exactly decided on the pattern yet so if you have any preferences let us know 👍🏼) 

Blacksburg Elevation map - Carolina Colorway

One of the things that we did with the shoe is drop easter eggs that represent the owners of Peacock and the founding of our company. Can you spot all of them? Probably not, so I guess you'll have to buy a pair when they come out.

Whats next?

What's next for us is bringing more content and products to all of you. We're looking to push out premium hats in June and then release limited quantity t-shirts to help us build momentum before our official shoe launch in November. In terms of the shoes; we're working with the manufacturer to get us a prototype by mid June. We'll make sure to put up some leaked pics on our Tik-Tok and instagram make sure to go over there and follow us so you don't miss any of the merch-drops or giveaways! @PeacockGolf

See you on the 19th hole,